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2024-25 Tuition Summary

Our budget is based on enrollment figures and budget building factors prepared by the Archdiocese of San Francisco, Department of Catholic Schools. Please note that we have two tuition categories for the 2024-25 school year:

Participating Families: Fundraising and Service Hours are required (30 service hours for two-parent families, 15 service hours for single-parent families). A single-parent family is where only one parent is involved in the child’s life. Single-parent families must contact and register with Dr. Harris before receiving single-parent benefits.

Participating families include $1,000 to the total tuition in support of the school’s fundraising activities – the Columbus Day Bazaar, the school Read-a-Thon, and two tickets to the Spring Fundraiser.

Failure to meet the minimum requirements for the current school year will result in placement in the non-participating category for the new academic school year.

Non-Participating Families: No Fundraising and No Service Hours are required. Families choosing not to participate in any of the school’s fundraising activities include $3,500 to the total tuition. Non-Participating Families do not automatically receive tickets to the Spring Fundraiser. Tickets must be purchased if they would like to attend the event.

Participation Tuition Rates - $1,000 for fundraising activities included

One Student Two Students Three Students
$16,000 $31,000 $46,000

Non-Participation Tuition Rates -$3,500 for non-participation included

One Student Two Students Three Students
$18,500 $33,500 $48,500

Tuition is payable in full in June 2024, in two equal installments in June 2024 and November 2024, or over a ten-month installment period from June 2024 through March 2025. All families MUST enroll and use FACTS Tuition Management for tuition payments either with Automatic Bank Draft or Automatic Credit Card Payment (payment made through credit card will be accessed a card processing fee charged to the credit card). Parents/Guardians will be responsible for the annual fee per family to enroll in FACTS. The fee will automatically be collected from the designated bank account – there is no fee when the Total Tuition Amount Due is paid in full as one payment, a $15 fee when paid as two installments, and a $50 fee when paid as monthly installments